We don’t usually book flights for passengers. You can certainly book extra accommodation at Broome or Kununurra at our Discovery One room rate (which includes Airport shuttle and continental breakfast). When you call the Hotel, just state you are part of the Discovery One group. In Broome our accommodation partner is Broome Time Accommodation (08 9194 1700) and The Kimberley Grande in Kununurra (08 7918 7885). Or let us know your stay requirements and we can book it for you and add it to your final account.

Yes. If you book 2 or more cabins on the same cruise in 2024 we will provide you with a $500 per person credit/discount. Bookings do not need to be made at the same time.  If friends or family wish to join you they just need to flag with the booking office and/or put these details on the booking form, the surname of the people that they are joining. The $500 per person credit will be applied to final accounts.

Yes – we are very happy to work with independent (Travel Agent/Tour Operators) or activity based groups (farmers, 4WD, caravanning Clubs)  that wish to charter a cruise. Charters need to be arranged well in advance. Please contact the booking office to discuss charter or group opportunities: or 1800 996 717.

We recommend:

Broome Caravan Park in Wattle Drive (Summerstar) (08) 9192 1776  

Kimberleyland Waterfront Caravan Park, Kununurra  (08) 9168 1280 

Please make stay and storage arrangements directly with the Park.

Similar to pub prices.

The Captain arranges the itinerary on each cruise to ensure you get to see the Falls when they are running at their best given the weather and tides. There is no month that is better than others to experience this, the tides change twice a day, every day of the month. There is an optional speedy power boat ride through the Falls which the Captain will book for you once onboard (weather and tides permitting). This activity is extra and can be charged to your boat account. In 2024 the cost is approximately $120 per person. The Horizontal Falls powerboats don’t operate during a Neap tide.

All transfers and accommodation are included as specified in the each of the cruise itineraries. All your meals and excursions operated by us on the boat are provided. The exceptions are purchases from the bar, souvenirs and any optional excursions provided by 3rd parties. A Boat Account is kept for the duration of the cruise for your purchases and we ask you to finalise this at the end of the cruise using Visa or Mastercard.

Once a booking form is received we require a 30% deposit. The final balance is due 6 weeks prior to cruise departure.

The single supplement for all cruises is 50% if a guest wishes to solely occupy a cabin. If a guest wants to book but is happy to share with another same-sex passenger, they will only pay the standard single rate and we will look for someone of the same sex to share with them.

The Kimberley is spectacular and vast. There is so much to see and do in and around the 1,000 plus islands.  The Captain will take you to the popular locations – Montgomery Reef, Horizontal Falls, Silica Beach, King Cascades plus many more equally beautiful spots. You will take short hikes on islands, explore rivers and waterways, admire some of the oldest rock art galleries in the world, visit historical sites, marvel at ancient cliffs and take dips in beautiful freshwater rock-pools. You are likely to see crocodiles, whales, dolphins and birds, even a dugong… The Kimberley is regarded as one of the last wilderness frontiers in the world. You will be amazed.

Discovery One is a 25 metre steel catamaran. It has four levels and is stable, spacious and comfortable for 22 passengers. One of the main advantages of Discovery One is the amount of recreational space available for passengers in addition to the air conditioned lounge and licenced bar area, there is an alfresco dining area plus a roof top sun deck offering fabulous 360 degree viewing, complete with a rooftop spa!

No. We are travelling in a wilderness area where there is no mobile phone or internet coverage. Friends and family can get a message through to the boat via the booking office on 1800 996 717.  

Some cruises are part of a package between Darwin and Broome, which includes a cruise between Wyndham and Derby. Other cruises focus mainly on a group of 1000 islands in the ‘Buccaneer Archipelago’ and travel as far north as the Prince Regent River and the Hunter River.

Towards the end of the day, passengers are welcome to fish from the duckboard. We provide handlines and bait.

No. Border Passes are no longer required. There are also no Covid and/or vaccination requirements to enter WA.


Pick-up times depend on tides, transfer flight times, weather etc but are usually early in the morning from Broome or Kununurra. The details will be SMS to you from the booking office. Please ensure you have listed your mobile number on your booking form. The Hotel reception at the booked accommodation will also have pick-up details.

We can’t give a specific time until we have studied tide charts, but usually before 6pm. Contact the booking office for details.

Most of our cruise packages (all but Great Rivers and Early Waterfall) have a 10kg per person total luggage limit (camera bag plus duffel bag) due to light air, seaplane and helicopter flights. To reduce luggage weight we provide a lot of items onboard such as linen, towels, beach towels, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap, hairdryers, sunscreen, insect repellent, walking sticks. You’ll find a list of what we recommend that you bring with you in the Cruise Guide – such as a broad brim hat and small binoculars. To make it easier for you, we also provide a free daily laundry service on the boat.

Yes. If you are an Australian citizen you should purchase Domestic Travel Insurance when you pay your deposit. This ensures that you are covered for the cost of the cruise (either part payment or full payment) should anything happen prior to or during the cruise which necessitates you cancelling, leaving a cruise in progress or us needing to cancel (please refer to our Terms & Conditions for our refund policy). The other type of insurance you will need is to cover you if you should become ill or have an accident during the cruise, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service needs to charter a seaplane to evacuate you from the boat (they have only fixed wing aircraft). Please check with your Private Medical Insurance Company to make sure you are covered for this event or speak to us about alternatives / Evacuation Fund. If you are an International guest, you should have suitable Travel Insurance to cover you for any emergency.

If you have your own transport (car, caravan, RV), you can leave vehicles in Broome, Kununurra or Derby – depending on what works best for you, and which cruise package you are doing.

We will either pay for a night’s accommodation in Broome or Kununurra or provide you with a $250 credit for accommodation not needed which covers/contributes towards vehicle storage. It’s best to work through your options with our booking office and lock in the pick-up and drop off arrangements pre and post your cruise.