Get To Know Our Kimberley Boat Cruise Vessel

Experience Western Australia and the Kimberley region like never before. With Discovery One, you’ll journey to hidden coastal gems and inland waterways that you didn’t even know existed. With a passionate and experienced crew, your every need will be taken care of on all of our Kimberley boat cruises. Join us on a voyage that transcends boundaries and awakens your sense of adventure. Discover the Kimberley’s untouched beauty on a Kimberley cruise that embodies heritage, comfort, and a love for exploration.

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

Our catamaran hugs the shore

making it the perfect choice for an up-close and personal Kimberley experience.

Discovery One is a 25-metre catamaran that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime along the Kimberley coast. For a cruise ship, it’s small but offers an intimate atmosphere by travelling with a small group. The twin-hulled vessel is stable with a shallow draft meaning we can go further up inland waterways and closer to shore than the larger ships.

We also have the capacity to carry more fuel than similar-sized vessels, which means we can travel greater distances and do more exploring before we need to refuel.

We also have time in our schedule to be flexible - to experience locations at their best when light, wind and tides are most favourable. We also only travel during the day so you don't miss any scenery and to ensure a restful night's sleep.

The crew were excellent and the food exceptional. The destinations were great and due to the skill of the Captain, we enjoyed them at their best. We have been on many different holidays but rate this as one of the best. We also appreciated the “small” things; an excellent laundry service; no security worries regarding valuables; the top deck was very enjoyable for views, breezes and happy hour with nibbles; the bathroom facilities were spotless.

Daily onshore excursions

in our purpose-built tenders

Discovery One is really all about getting off the main boat, jumping into a tender and exploring the Kimberley. We'll take you on 2 to 3 excursions per day (depending on the cruise package). You'll be completely immersed in all things Kimberley and will see and experience more with us than with any other boat. 

After 20 years in the Kimberley, we have chartered many amazing locations - from King George Falls to Montgomery Reef to the Hunter River and beyond. The Captain will take you to several quiet, lesser-known beautiful spots away from the main boats, and you'll feel like you're the only people on earth.

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises
Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

Are you ready for an Adventure

to the remote and rugged wilderness of the Kimberley

Our fabulous crew is there to look after you - to ensure that your time with us is safe, comfortable and exceeds your expectations. There’s no need to worry about rough seas on this small ship cruising the Kimberleys.

When not out and about in the tenders, Discovery One has loads of deck space, including the top deck which offers 360-degree views. There is a shade sail so you can get out of the direct sun. The dining area on the second deck offers air conditioning and comfortable seating with large windows to view the passing scenery. There is also a spa to relax in at the end of the day. For small ship cruises in Western Australia, don’t look past Discovery One.

Our air-conditioned cabins

are modest but comfortable

The cabins for our Kimberley boat cruises are typical boat quarters - small but comfortable with pillow-top mattresses and air conditioning. Each cabin has a standard double power point for recharging your personal items. The ship carries 11 passenger cabins. Five cabins are external with a window and double bed. There are two internal cabins with a double bed, one external cabin with a window and two single beds and three internal cabins with two single beds. The twin single cabins are roomier. There is a maximum of two people per cabin. We do not have bunks.

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

The Vessel

Name: Discovery One

Length: 24.8 metres (82 feet)

Width: 9 metres

Draws: 2 metres

Cruise Speed: 9 knots (16.68kms per hour)

Range of Vessel: 28 days sailing or 3252 kms (depending upon tides and weather)

Diesel fuel storage: 18,000 litres

Cabins: 7 double bed cabins and 4 twin single cabins; all individually air-conditioned with pillow-top mattresses and  240V power points.

Level 1:

  • Male Bathrooms (3 showers, 3 toilets/urinals)
  • Female Bathrooms (2 shower cubicles, 3 toilets)
  • Power rooms
  • Huge galley
  • Engine rooms
  • Steering and store room

Level 2:

  • 11 passenger cabins
  • 3 crew cabins
  • Laundry
  • Exit to landing duckboard

Level 3:

  • Air-conditioned Wheel house/bridge, bar, lounge, internal dining area
  • Al fresco dining area on rear deck

Level 4:

  • Observation deck, life rafts, raft flotation device
  • 8 Person deluxe SPA, tables & chairs, sun beds

You'll love the food

and your specific dietary needs, allergies or intolerances are catered for.

Our passengers love the great food onboard - it's wholesome, tasty, country-style cooking. It's not fancy, but then nor are we.

Daily catering onboard includes continental breakfast, freshly baked morning tea, buffet-style lunch, afternoon tea, and banquet-style dinner.

A tea and coffee station with a range of tea and herbal teas and filtered water is available all day. Brewed coffee is also available to purchase.

The boat is licenced and offers a limited but good range of beer, cider, wine and spirits and non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks.

Passengers can start an onboard boat account .

Discovery One cruises

will take your breath away

Our 11-15  night Kimberley expeditions are jam-packed with gorgeous scenery and breathtaking destinations. Our small cruise ship and adventure boats will take you to experience places you don't see featured in the brochures - but should do. The crew will share with you the hidden gems of the Kimberley that we have discovered over our 22 years of exploring. This cruise  experience is one that you will remember forever.


14 Nights

Sail the coastline up to the Berkeley River and experience the wonders of the Prince Regent River, Montgomery Reef, the Horizontal Falls, and more.

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

11 Nights

Travel from Broome to Naturalists Island, taking in the untouched wilderness and ancient rock art, as well as a scenic flight over the jaw-dropping Mitchell Falls and Plateau.

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises
Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

Experience the best small ship cruises with Discovery One

When it comes to exploring the Kimberley region, few experiences rival the magic of small ship cruises. Discovery One stands as a testament to the allure of such journeys. Our vessel isn't just a means of transportation – it's a gateway to exceptional service and unforgettable expedition cruises.

Whether you're drawn to the rugged northern coastline, the captivating estuaries of King George and Berkeley Rivers, or any other breathtaking location, Discovery One is your vessel of choice. The small vessel concept is at the heart of our philosophy. We believe that by staying small, we can offer tailored experiences that larger ships simply can't match. With a Discovery One small ship cruise, you have the flexibility to immerse yourself in whichever destination calls to you. From the small vessels we navigate in, you'll step into tenders that take you on daily excursions, ensuring you're immersed in the heart of each location. This level of intimacy allows you to connect with the Kimberley's wonders like never before.

Join us and discover the allure of small ships and expedition cruises, where exceptional service and authentic encounters await at every turn.

Discovery One FAQs

With over 20 years of experience, Discovery One is an icon in the Kimberley. Our Kimberley cruises offer authentic, immersive experiences, exploring lesser-known spots for a unique adventure.

As a family-owned cruise boat in the Kimberley, we value people and their experiences. While on your Kimberley adventure, we encourage you to create a sense of community with fellow adventurers. Our evening meals are served alfresco at shared tables, banquet style, to encourage socialising and friendship.

As we have a small boat for Kimberley cruises, each cabin accommodates a maximum of two people. Our cabin options include external cabins with windows and double beds, as well as central cabins with either a double bed or two singles.

With stability and a shallow draft, Discovery One’s Kimberley boat cruises reach places larger vessels can’t in the Kimberley region, including inland waterways and coastal gems along the Kimberley coastline. We are also able to hug the coastline staying in safe, sheltered water for smooth sailing and allows for greater accessibility for land excursions. This unique design opens up secluded havens for unforgettable exploration.

Our crew is dedicated to your comfort, offering cosy accommodations with pillow-top mattresses and air-conditioning. Whether in external cabins with windows or internal cabins, your restful nights are our priority.