Montgomery Reef & Horizontal Falls Tour

Come witness some of the greatest natural wonders in the world, located right here in the Kimberley with Discovery One. Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of the famous Horizontal Falls, where the dynamic tidal forces create a thrilling spectacle. As the journey continues, discover Montgomery Reef’s hidden treasures as it emerges during low tide, revealing intricate channels and cascading waterfalls. Admire its vibrant marine life, active birds, cheeky turtles and bask in the tranquillity of this spectacular ocean reef. Our Montgomery Reef and Horizontal Falls tours are not to be missed.

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Montgomery Reef

Camden Sound (Lalang-garram) Marine Park

Montgomery Reef, between Camden Sound and Collier Bay, not far from the Kingfisher Islands, is a particularly outstanding, biologically diverse coral reef covering some 300 square kilometres. Montgomery Reef is the world’s largest inshore reef, known for its remarkable diversity of marine life, as well as the tidal changes – often over eight metres (the second biggest tidal change on Earth) – creating rushing waterfalls and incredible patterns in this spellbinding spectacle.

The spectacle of Montgomery Reef emerging as the tide falls, the water cascading from the reef top, and the abundant wildlife that is regularly observed, is a truly amazing sight. From manta rays to dugongs to reef sharks and dolphins, there is a stunning underwater world to behold. When the tide recedes, the coral reef appears to rise from the ocean in a torrent of cascading water and the abundance of marine life makes its escape. Surrounded by several small islands, Montgomery Reef is also home to a stunning array of bird life, turtles and crocodiles. 

The Marine Park is home to six species of threatened marine turtles, Australian snubfin and Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, dugongs, saltwater crocodiles and several species of sawfish.

The Montgomery Reef marine park is the Southern Hemisphere’s most important humpback whale nursery. Whale species recorded in the marine park include the humpback whale, the minke whale and the false killer whale. From June to November each year humpback whales migrate from their Antarctic feeding grounds to their breeding grounds in the Camden Sound. The warm, shallow waters are ideal for newborn humpback calves. It’s believed up to 20,000 whales make the annual migration to the Kimberley Coast.

The reef was named in 1818 by Philip Parker King after the ship surgeon aboard the Mermaid, Andrew Montgomery.

Our Montgomery Reef tours are designed to suit your needs and requirements. Witness waterfalls, vibrant marine life, and pristine bays on this captivating adventure.



Every Discovery One cruise visits Montgomery Reef and Horizontal Falls...

Horizontal Falls (Garaanngaddim)

Talbot Bay

“In the north-west of Australia is the remote and fascinating region of the Kimberley. It has a jagged coastline with many inlets that reach deep inland. The tide sweeps into them with amazing speed and ferocity,” chimes the familiar voice of David Attenborough in the 2002 BBC documentary Great Natural Wonders of the World.

“Talbot Bay forms part of one of the larger inlets,” Attenborough continues. “The inland exit of the bay narrows to 20ft at water level, funnelling the tide as it ebbs and flows. It’s this twice daily event that makes Talbot Bay Australia’s most unusual natural wonder,” he exclaims.

There are two horizontal waterfalls in the World, and they are both located in Western Australia in Talbot Bay in the Kimberley.

The fast-moving current, powered by the tidal movements of the Indian Ocean, squeezes through two narrow gorges of the McLarty Range, causing the breathtaking sight of a horizontal waterfall. You can witness this natural phenomenon on any tour booking with Discovery One.

The Discovery One Captain takes every group to the incredible Horizontal Falls on a fascinating tour. He will consider the tides and where possible arrive to provide you with the ultimate viewing.

There is an optional extra power boat ride through Horizontal Falls for those that are seeking more adventure. The Captain makes these arrangements for passengers once onboard Discovery One (subject to tides and availability)

All of our Kimberley tours take you to Talbot Bay and Horizontal Falls. Whether you’re travelling from Darwin to Broome or Broome to Darwin, whether you’re after a 14-night trip or a 10-night trip, Discovery One has an exciting cruise just waiting for you to book. 



2002 BBC documentary Great Natural Wonders of the World.

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Horizontal Falls & Montgomery Reef Tours FAQs

Yes, Discovery One offers comprehensive cruise packages that include visits to both the Horizontal Falls and Montgomery Reef. This allows you to witness two incredible natural wonders during your Kimberley adventure.

There is no snorkelling in the Kimberley due to crocodiles.

Yes, the Discovery One Explore the Kimberley package includes a spectacular flight over Horizontal Falls.

A Neap Tide refers to a time with very little movement of water. Horizontal Falls power boats rides don’t operate during Neaps. The Discovery One Captain will take you to Talbot Bay to view Horizontal Falls on all tours. He will select the best time to visit given tides, time and availability.