2024 Kimberley Cruise Season

Cruising the Kimberley Coast in Western Australia doesn’t have to be a dream. It can be your reality. Set sail on Discovery One, where the rugged beauty of the Kimberley meets the boundless horizons of the Indian Ocean, sheltered by the 1000 islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago.

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

Discovery One Kimberley Cruises.

When it comes to Western Australia cruises, Discovery One will take you on an unforgettable, adventure cruise, along the pristine Kimberley Coast. With a maximum of 22 passengers and a crew of 6, Discovery One Kimberley cruises offer friendly, relaxed experiences for a small group of explorers.

We cruise from March to September offering 10 to 15-night cruise packages. Early in the Season we run the Waterfall packages - March, April, and early May - moving you between Darwin and Broome. Middle of the year we offer the Explore the Kimberley package - a Broome to Broome experience. Our shortest Kimberley tour is the Hunter River Adventure cruise at 10 nights - arriving by seaplane into the heart of the Kimberley - a Broome to Darwin package. Great Rivers is our last trip of the year - Broome to Darwin - an ideal choice for those that love relaxing onboard whilst enjoying the passing scenery and wish to avoid flights in small aircraft.

All cruise packages visit Montgomery Reef and Horizontal Falls.

2024 Cruise Packages

Cruise the Kimberley – REALLY explore the region’s iconic destinations. 

13 nights

From $9,990 pp/twin share

From Wyndham to Derby

Start Darwin / End Broome


28 Mar to 11 Apr
13 to 27 Apr / 25 Apr to 9 May

14 nights

From $10,990 pp/twin share

From Derby to Berkeley River
(or reverse)

Start Broome / End Darwin
(or reverse)

Explore the Kimberley

10 to 23 May / 22 May to 4 Jun
5 to 18 Jun / 17 to 30 Jun
1 to 14 Jul / 13 to 26 Jul
27 Jul to 9 Aug / 8 to 21 Aug

13 nights

From $10,990 pp/twin share

From Derby to Naturalists Island (or reverse)

Start Broome / End Broome

Great Rivers

23 August to 7 September

15 nights

From $10,990 pp/twin shar

From Derby to Wyndham

Start Broome / End Darwin

Choose your breathtaking Kimberley cruise experience...

We have scenic cruises for Kimberley travellers that will exceed your expectations.

13 Nights

Cruise through 13 unforgettable nights at the end of the wet season, tracing the rugged Kimberley coastline from Wyndham to Derby. Immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of far-north Western Australia, where incredible waterfalls cascade against a backdrop of towering cliffs reflecting mesmerising sunsets. On this Kimberley Coast cruise you will visit the magnificent King George Falls, and see other Kimberley icons such as Montgomery Reef, KIng Cascades, Horizontal Falls and more.

14 Nights

This journey invites you to cruise the Kimberley Coast and explore Australia’s most stunning bays, inlets, towering cliffs, waterfalls, reefs, and rivers, showcasing a picturesque tapestry of nature’s wonders. Arrive or depart from the Berkeley River in a floatplane. Aerial scenery along the coast to Kununurra is spectacular. The Waterfall package is one of the Kimberley experiences you don’t want to miss. Secure your spot now for an expedition that encapsulates the heart and soul of Australia’s iconic northwest. 

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

13 Nights

Broome to Broome

If you’re visiting Broome, our Explore the Kimberley cruise package is an opportunity not to be missed. These Kimberley cruises from Derby to Naturalists Island showcase the region’s natural beauty, let you explore ancient rock art and include thrilling helicopter flights over the spectacular Mitchell Falls and a scenic light air flight between the Mitchell Plateau and Broome over Horizontal Falls. Cruise the Kimberley and witness the diverse landscapes and breathtaking vistas through a harmonious combination of sea and sky exploration.

Discovery One | Kimberley Cruises

10 Nights

This Kimberley adventure unveils the Kimberley’s hidden treasures as you travel to or from Darwin in the Northern Territory. With a scenic flight over Kununurra’s fascinating delta country and a seaplane flight over the breathtaking Mitchell Falls, prepare for an adventure that transcends ordinary travel. These Kimberley Coast cruise packages unlock the Kimberley’s enigmatic allure through a seamless blend of air and sea, where landscapes of wonder await at every turn. Secure your place now for a Hunter River Adventure that will linger in your memories forever.

15 Nights

The Kimberley river cruise is the final tour of the season which offers an exclusive opportunity to explore the estuaries, rivers and waterways, and to observe the diverse wildlife that call these regions home. Embark on an extraordinary 13-night journey from Broome to Darwin, navigating the vast and unpredictable coastline and delving into the untamed beauty of the magnificent King George River, Prince Regent River, Berkeley River and more.

Pristine wilderness

The Kimberley in Western Australia is often referred to as one of the last wilderness frontiers in the world. The landscape is truly unique: It’s remote: It’s ancient: It’s pristine.

Cruise the Kimberley with Discovery One and you’ll marvel at ancient Aboriginal rock art, you’ll dip in picturesque water holes, walk on beaches without footprints, gaze in awe at horizontal waterfalls, and enjoy short hikes to significant landmarks. You’ll be in awe of natural wonders such as Montgomery Reef in the Buccaneer Archipelago and King Cascades in the Prince Regent River. Magnificent, thundering waterfalls will take your breath away – like King George Falls – and eroded gorges and sandstone cliffs will amaze. And be sure to look out for the friendly locals – humpback whales, turtles, dolphins, and more. You can witness diverse marine life in the region’s marine parks, including Montgomery Reef. A voyage through the Kimberley is truly a special experience.

…without a doubt the most wonderful holiday I have ever experienced; wonderful staff, incredible destinations, amazing food and a most exciting adventure. I would not change a thing.


Discovery One will take you on an unforgettable adventure. Smaller than other cruise ships, the 25-metre catamaran has a shallow draft which allows us to travel close to shore, up rivers and between the many islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago. There is actually over 1000 islands!

We aim to immerse you in the Kimberley - igniting all of your senses - sights, sounds, touch, aromas and tastebuds...

We tow 2 tenders and take you on excursions in the adventure boats 2 to 3 times a day - depending on the cruise package (weather and tides permitting).

In 2024, we celebrate 22 years of cruising the Kimberley region. As Kimberley specialists - this is the only region that we explore - we are delighted to share the gems of this spectacular and remote region with new guests and returning passengers.

Discovery One Kimberleys Cruise FAQs

Our Kimberley cruises prices vary depending on the package you choose, but start from $9,490 per person twin share for the 10 night Hunter Adventure cruise.

Our Kimberleys cruise packages offer a range of options to suit your preferences – window cabin with a double bed, central cabin with a double bed or a central cabin with two single beds (not bunk beds). Whichever cabin you book, we ensure a restful night’s sleep after a full day of exploring the wonders of the Kimberley.

Our Kimberley expeditions are designed to cater for the young at heart with good fitness abilities. This is an active cruise. The boat has stairs between decks and excursions in the adventure boats involve climbing in and out of tenders onto beaches and short hikes up and over rocky tracks.

Depending on the itinerary, the departure point will vary. We move people from Broome to Darwin or Broome to Broome and incorporate flights, coach transfers, and shuttles, to ensure a smooth journey to reach the boat.

Absolutely! While our packages offer comprehensive itineraries, we understand that preferences differ. If you are driving for example, we can customise a package to incorporate your vehicles and pickup location. You can also opt to stay on/ or arrive earlier into Kununurra and add on a Bungle Bungle tour. Our team is happy to discuss any customisation options to make your experience truly unique.

Safety is our top priority. Our experienced Kimberley cruise crew ensures your well-being throughout the journey. We adhere to all safety regulations and provide thorough briefings for all activities.

Each cruise package includes detailed information about destinations, activities, and experiences. Visit the individual package pages on our website to discover the highlights and immerse yourself in the journey before booking.

At Discovery One, we pride ourselves on offering a cruise experience that’s truly extraordinary. Our cruises of Western Australia through the Kimberley Coast stand out for several reasons. 


Firstly, it’s our commitment to providing intimate journeys. Our vessel’s size ensures a close-knit, personalised atmosphere where you’re not just a passenger, but a valued explorer – you become part of the family – something you can’t get on other Kimberley cruises in Australia. Secondly, our itineraries are meticulously designed to reveal the Kimberley’s hidden gems, blending sea and sky adventures seamlessly for a truly immersive experience. 

The experienced guides on our cruises of Kimberley Coast share their passion of the region’s history, wildlife, and culture, making excursions educational and inspiring. Whether you’re from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia or the world, on Discovery One, you’ll be getting the experience of a lifetime travelling the West Coast Kimberley region. Our dedication to customer service, safety, and environmental stewardship further sets us apart, ensuring that your Kimberley travel and cruise adventure with Discovery One remains unparalleled in every aspect.